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About our Family

My husband, Marc, and I are raising our family on about 146 acres in the Pineywoods of East Texas. Here we work at natural living, homesteading on our ranch, and homeschooling our children from a christian perspective. We bought this ranch from my grandparents and are thankful for the wonderful resources with which we have been blessed. Marc has a M.S. in Agriculture and teaches at Trinity Valley Community College then tends our Charolais herd in his spare time. I have a B.S. in Animal Science and a M.Ed. in Math Education and work from home while homeschooling our children. I am also furthering my education as a natural health educator by studying herbs, essential oils, and nutrition. I'm blessed to say I just wrapped up my Animal Aromatherapy Certification after working with a holistic veterinarian for four years. (I actually still work with her and love it!)
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Also Included

Enrolling in our courses provides the following bonuses:

  • Community Group

    Enroll in any course and receive access to our Community Group you will find here on the Community Hub. Get to know fellow members of the community in an environment off of Facebook. You can gain access with free courses for a limited time. All essential oil customers gain access as well. (Enrolling in a free course gives you 30 days access to the Community.)

  • Bonus material

    Get your questions answered within each course. You can easily ask questions under each topic.